One-Day Weekend Workshops for Parent and Child


Introduction to Persian Art and Culture

Iran, or Persia, stands as a bridge between East and West, a fact that has made this nation a watershed of history. Western Iran was influenced by Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, while Eastern Iran was influenced by India and even China.

Discover the myriad ways the ancient Silk Road trading routes helped cross-pollinate these cultures, setting the foundation for globalization and the modern world. Find out what significance these historical cultural relationships have for us today.
During these one-day weekend workshops, parents can enjoy the camp experience with their child as we explore together the art, culture, literature, and music of Persia at critical crossroads of history, and discover the creative elements that have sustained the soul and psyche of an ancient civilization throughout millennia. 

 Four Sessions will focus as follows:

I: Creative Use of Paper in Persian Art and Culture
II: Clay in the Hands of Master Potters and Architects
III: Intricacies of Persian Textile from Carpets to Paisley and More
IV: Culinary Delights from the Persian Garden

Sundays in July
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

890 Escondido Road
Stanford (Palo Alto)

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