Summer Program in Ithaca for Traveling Students

Ages 9-15

Cultural Immersion Program

in Ithaca, NY

One of a kind cultural immersion program for youth, set in the heart of the Finger Lakes, bringing together East and West, Past and Future, Art and Technology in an Unforgettable Journey of the Imagination!

This rich camp experience allows visiting students the rare opportunity to meet and connect with peers living in Upstate NY, while promoting friendship, mutual respect, and cultural understanding. 

In addition to the award winning Camp Marco Polo curriculum, this package could be customized to include weekend excursion tours to Cornell University, Harvard, MIT, Columbia University, and other Ivy League campuses, as well as sightseeing tours of Boston and NY City!

With more than 25 years of experience in curriculum design and instruction, the Program Director has expertise in cross-cultural training, to facilitate the needs of international students. Camp activities have been designed to help young people develop self-confidence, independent character, leadership skills, social awareness, and appreciation for cultural diversity, all while exploring the significance of the Silk Road and its impact on globalization, trade and commerce, which led to the developments of the modern world. 

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Group Packages Available

for up to 6 Participants



 *Please Note: Housing arrangement are available as part of package.