COMING SOON! Carnival in a Box: Master Craft of Venice CLASSROOM EDITION™

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Explore the History of Technology and Trade

in Class with Your Students and Discover

the Economic Cross-Pollination

which led to the Blossoming of the Renaissance.

Project Based Learning (PBL) Approach


  • Explore History of Silk Road authentically by Role Playing as Merchants
  • Uncover Secrets of Science, Technology, and Math from the East
  • Learn to Speak in New Languages, such as Italian and Turkish
  • Craft Hand-made Merchandise for Trade in an Open Market
  • Discover the Power, Potential, and Pitfalls of Mercantilism
  • Build Valuable Entrepreneurial Skills for Future Success

Great School and Classroom Fundraising Project 
Empowering Kids to Make Something for Themselves
while Inspiring them to Give Back to the Community!

Kids Start Off 

working together in groups of guild shops as young apprentices to a Master Craftsman of Venice, discovering untold secrets of technology and trade from times gone by. As they learn the trade of mask-making and the significance of their guild, they prepare to contribute actively to the cultural and economic vibrancy of the Republic.

They Next Compete

with one another in an open market place, selling their wares for highest profit. They do so bargaining in Italian, using words they've learned and practiced earlier in their respective guilds. 

This exciting new series of creative learning adventures is a fun way to bridge the past to the present by exploring the history of technology and trade in an unforgettably playful way!

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Materials to make 24 Venetian masks of different styles. Extension Packs can be ordered to supply classrooms having more that 24 students.

  • 6 Folders of "Guild Master's Secret Templates"
  • 6 Sealed Invitation Letters from Guild Masters
  • 1 Guild Master Teacher's Guidebook
  • 6 Sets of 50 Italian Word Flashcards
  • 1 Full-size Historical Map of Venice
  • 72 Colorful Mask-making Sheets
  • 24 Purses with "Ducato" Coins
  • 24 Guild Price Tags for Market
  • 24 Guild Membership Cards
  • 6 Membership Questions
  • 6 4-Colored Pens
  • 6 6-inch Rulers
  • 6 Glue Sticks

Students work in one of 6 different guild shops, each creating a particular style of mask to be traded in open market for highest profit. In doing so, they first learn the basics of design by following clear step by step instructions. Then they take these steps to the next level by applying what they've learned from the templates to create their own custom designs. The class can then participate in a market day experience, where each guild offers their wares for the highest price, bargaining in Italian, learned from the set of flashcards included in the kit. In the process, kids learn both the craftsmanship and the economic potential of making hand crafted products as well as the history and impact of the medieval guild system on mercantilism and its role in the blossoming of the Renaissance and the Modern Era.


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