Summer 2020: Where East Meets West...even at Home!

Exploring Beyond STEM into History of Technology and Trade to Discover Unimaginable Connections Along the Silk Road!

A Modern Journey, with Modern Relevance

Blast into the past at Camp Marco Polo this summer, traveling across time - and across continent(s) - to meet kids your own age

in a setting unlike any you've imagined before!

Camp Marco Polo, Ithaca, offers the best of our unique cultural immersion program, nestled in a new setting amidst the natural wonders of the NY Finger Lakes region. This will prove to be yet another Unforgettable Journey of the Imagination - ideal for kids ages 9-15!

Through playful role-playing activities and hands-on explorations of art, culture, and languages, kids discover unimaginable connections that link events in history to today's world of technology and innovation. As kids practice to be flexible, creative thinkers, and effective intercultural communicators. They discover both cultural and intellectual intersections across vast stretches of time and geography, strengthening essential skills for success as future leaders in all walks of life.