Why history...

     For too many of us, the very word "History" conjures up dusty old books, and countless names and dates...

Looking at it another way, history is about the lives and adventures of amazingly dynamic individuals, whose accomplishments - for good or ill - have endured in our collective imagination!

...and imagination is what History could be all about!

Imagining what life must have been like for others so very long ago, and so far away, and how their accomplishments might inspire us today, or guide us in the choices we make towards building our own future.

Journeys Across Time is an adventure into the past, as a guidepost to the future...a journey of self-discovery, while discovering what mattered most to others, and in the process, a way of finding shared commonalities with others around us.


Journeys Across Time is about

putting on someone else's hat,  

 and trying it on for size.

Go Ahead!

You know you want to...