Grades 6/7 Monthly Block Sept 7-Oct 2

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Let Us Guide Your Home-schooling Experience
One Step at a Time this School Year!
After all, a journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step!
Each block of our rich curriculum is 4 weeks long,
Block 1 Sept .7-Oct. 2
There will be 10 hours of weekly online instruction,
plus offline activities for independent exploration.

The program is designed using
Project Based Learning approach.
Materials will be sent in weekly Home Kits.
Students will work both independently and collaboratively
with online guided instruction and offline follow-up activities.

There will be rigorous academic instruction in core subject areas as follows: 
  • Language Arts - Reading/Vocabulary; Composition, Grammar/Syntax, Spelling/Mechanics, Recitation/Oration
  • History/Geography
  • Mathematics - Algebra / Geometry as well as history of Mathematics from Sumerian and Babylonian to Indian and Islamic contributions
  • Science - Earth Sciences / Botany / Zoology / Astronomy as well as introduction to Chemistry
  • Comparative Foreign Languages - Italian / Turkish / Persian / Chinese / Hindi
  • Cultural Studies through Art, Music, Folklore, Literature, and Philosophy
  • Music and Music History - Vocal and Instrumental instruction
  • Arts and Crafts - Painting, Calligraphy, Sculpting, Culinary and Textile arts.
The overarching theme for the year will be
History of trade and commerce along the Silk Road.
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Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 8 students


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