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Enjoy Our Unforgettable Journey of the Imagination
Each Month at Home...


From Mardi Gras to Purim,

Birthdays and Halloween

Bringing History, Culture, Mystery, & Marvel

to Your Family!


Imagine starting as a Young Apprentice to a Master Craftsman from Venice, working your way up to Journeyman, and Master, discovering untold secrets of technology and trade from times gone by, all while you learn to make and sell your own creations as a card holding member of an ancient craft guild.

All this and more is possible when you sign up to receive this first kit in the exciting new subscription series of fun and creative learning adventures.

Each month your family moves through different levels of proficiency from apprentice to journeyman, and master, across different destinations along the Silk Roads. Through this unique hands-on experience, your children will be introduced not only to different craft techniques, but also discover the world through new cultural vantage points. In doing so, they will come to understand the role of trade and mercantilism in the making of the modern world. Through this journey of the imagination they will be able to bridge the past to the present, the East to the West, the arts and sciences, by exploring the history of technology and trade in creative and playful ways!


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Materials to make 2 different Venetian-styled masks

  • 1 Folder of "Guild Master's Secret Templates"

  • 1 Sealed Invitation Letter from Guild Master

  • 8 Custom Printed Mask-making Sheets

  • 20+ Custom Themed Embellishments

  • 1 Full-size Historical Map of Venice

  • 1 Official Guild Master's Guidebook

  • 4 Secret Membership Questions

  • 1 Guild Membership Cards

  • 2 Guild Price Tags 

  • 2 Guild Gift Cards

  • 1 4-Colored Pen

  • 1 6-inch Ruler

  • 1 Glue Stick

Kids learn the basics of design and creation through clear step by step instructions and template. They then take those steps to the next level by applying what they've learned to their own unique creative design, bringing a timeless traditional craft into the 21st century!

CREATIVITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR YOUNG KIDS AND THOSE YOUNG AT HEART- Watch your child embrace both a creative and entrepreneurial spirit while exploring the history of craftsmanship, trade, and commerce. After all, before there were lemonade stands, there was the Silk Road! Recommended for budding creative minds and future leaders ages 9 to 99 - because we're never too young nor too old to learn.

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